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Upcoming Residential Art Show

Constellation: a Backyard Art Expedition

One of No Assumption’s curators/artists, Kevin Loecke, and artist Lacey Prpic-Hedtke, are organizing an exciting art event this spring in South Minneapolis, from Friday May 27-Sunday May 29.  If you are interested in exhibiting your work in a non-traditional space and getting involved, we encourage you to get in touch with them and check out their blog: constellationmpls.wordpress.com/

It’s going to be a lot of fun and should prove to be a wonderful time.  Below you can read a bit about the show in their own words:

Call for Participation:

“Constellation is a show that opens up domestic spaces for public cultural events. The show is focused on garages and backyards but could include domestic spaces like porches, cars, apartments or balconies. We are interested in the way our art is an integral part of our daily lives, neighborhoods, and self-made communities.

Besides visual art, we are imagining bands in back yards, performance, food, etc. A traveling dinner party with different courses at different houses. A bike tour during the day between the different locations. A swapping/trading post/free sale (since it’s high garage sale season). We imagine things taking place throughout the day and night, not just during regular art opening hours!”

For more information visit: Constellation: A Backyard Art Expedition


Home Is Where the Art Is:

Local artists find ways to build galleries out of domestic spaces

No Assumption: A Collaborative Exhibition of Art in a Residence. House exterior including "Intestine" (2010) by Asia Ward, "Summer Signage #1 (Wonder of the World)" (2010) by Kevin Loecke and "Prayer Flags for Healthcare" (2009) by Vandana Jain. Photo by Terry Gydesen.
No Assumption: A Collaborative Exhibition of Art in a Residence. House exterior including “Intestine” (2010) by Asia Ward, “Summer Signage #1 (Wonder of the World)” (2010) by Kevin Loecke and “Prayer Flags for Healthcare” (2009) by Vandana Jain. Photo by Terry Gydesen.


Check out this nice article and behind-the-scenes look at in-home art galleries, originally published in the Twin Cities Runoff. No Assumption was one of the featured exhibitions in their Home is Where the Art Is, article. You can read on below, or click here to view the article in its original  format.

Home is Where the Art Is
Local artists find ways to build galleries out of domestic spaces
By Holly Hilgenberg, Twin Cities Runoff
December 8, 2010

A sandwich board sits on the corner of the lot of the white house at 3500 Bryant Ave. S., directing people to the They Won’t Find Us Here (TWFUH) gallery around back. A large sign is lit on the top of the garage, where the makeshift gallery resides.

I climb the cement stairs, leading to a backyard with about 15 people huddled around a fire pit. I am not sure what to do at first, and I don’t know anyone else at the show so I decide to check out the gallery. Like most art galleries, it is brightly illuminated. The walls have been painted white; the windows are paneless. Despite the gathering in the backyard, no one is in the gallery when I get there, though a man enters while I walk around the small space.

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The Last Toast

I drink to the house, already destroyed,
And my whole life, too awful to tell,
To the loneliness we together enjoyed,
I drink to you as well,
To the eyes with deadly cold imbued,
To the lips that betrayed me with a lie,
To the world for being cruel and rude,
To God who didn’t save us, or try.

-Anna Akhmatova

To all the good times and memories, despite it all...

Infiammati Fire Circus

Here’s some footage from the fantastic rooftop show by Infiammati Fire Circus! We did the best we could in capturing it, but truly they are even better seen live and raw… you can feel the heat flying off of them! But be sure you don’t get TOO close…  You can catch some of these performers this weekend and next at the BAREBONES “Carnetheria” outdoor Halloween puppet show.  Highly recommended!

A Fantastic Evening and a Great Show – Thank You!

Black Audience

Last Saturday night, No Assumption hosted some extremely talented musicians and performers in the backyard of the gallery.  It was a blast! Black Audience delivered a beautiful set, moving some listeners to tears… Then, the Brass Messengers came through to lighten our hearts with some wonderful tunes and lively energy.  DJ Asylum Soundsystem started us off early and visited again in between sets, as well as provided the musical backdrop for Infiammati Fire Circus’ first ever rooftop fire performance!  It was incredible! We all had such a good time. Thank you to all of the wonderful performers and all of the enthusiastic visitors that came by last Saturday. You are the best! It was an honor to have you all…


Musicians from the Brass Messengers really came through and gave a great show

Asylum Soundsystem!

Infiammati Fire Circus





Check out our Flickr to the right and you can look for more images of the performers… We’ll be adding more soon too.  Until then, here’s a few for those of you who couldn’t make it.  But don’t worry….


So come again, come for the first time, just come!

The gallery will be OPEN this coming Weds, Thurs, Friday

From 3pm – 7:30pm

Its your LAST CHANCE!  We want to meet you and show you around!

See you there!

Screenprinting with the No Assumption Artists

Last night, we had a thank you dinner for all of the artists involved in No Assumption. Delicious squash lasagna, salad, and risotto! And TWO cakes!

hanging out in the backyard after dinner

After, we printed T-shirts in the backyard.  It was a really nice evening hanging out and talking to each other. No Assumption is so proud of all of the enthusiastic artists and people involved in making this show such a success. THANK YOU!

Vandana & JoAnn printing shirts