A Fantastic Evening and a Great Show – Thank You!

Black Audience

Last Saturday night, No Assumption hosted some extremely talented musicians and performers in the backyard of the gallery.  It was a blast! Black Audience delivered a beautiful set, moving some listeners to tears… Then, the Brass Messengers came through to lighten our hearts with some wonderful tunes and lively energy.  DJ Asylum Soundsystem started us off early and visited again in between sets, as well as provided the musical backdrop for Infiammati Fire Circus’ first ever rooftop fire performance!  It was incredible! We all had such a good time. Thank you to all of the wonderful performers and all of the enthusiastic visitors that came by last Saturday. You are the best! It was an honor to have you all…


Musicians from the Brass Messengers really came through and gave a great show

Asylum Soundsystem!

Infiammati Fire Circus





Check out our Flickr to the right and you can look for more images of the performers… We’ll be adding more soon too.  Until then, here’s a few for those of you who couldn’t make it.  But don’t worry….


So come again, come for the first time, just come!

The gallery will be OPEN this coming Weds, Thurs, Friday

From 3pm – 7:30pm

Its your LAST CHANCE!  We want to meet you and show you around!

See you there!


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