No Assumption: A Collaborative Exhibition of Art in a Residence would like to thank ALL of the enthusiastic artists, performers, and community members who participated in this project. Without them, this exhibition would not have been possible. We also would like to thank all of the people who came from near and far to have a look around; who enjoyed and supported our efforts, participated in our conversations, and partook in our celebrations. you are so fantastic! Thank you!

and also…


Black Audience
Brass Messengers
DJ Asylum Soundsystem
DJ Jenna Vissell
Infiammati Fire Circus



Jon Oulman and 331club

Zipp’s Liquors

Never Enough Thyme Catering


-Poster Design-

Joel Starkey

Vandana Jain


-Beyond the Call of Duty (Donated Time, Stuff, & Hard Labor)-

John Marks

Brian Higbee

Emily Hanson

Eric Lunde

Joann Blohowiak

Ernest Concepcion

Crane Adams

Miranda Trimmier

Sam Molstad

Erin Belfry

Eliza Stamps

Mike Estabrook

Ben Knight

Will Reser

Shanai Matteson

Terry Gydesen

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