Asia Ward is a Minnesota based sculpture artist whose work ranges from animatronic creatures to large-scale metal sculptures and aluminum dioramas.  Asia’s work fits in an educational environment, and has been exhibited in science museums such as the Exploratorium in San Francisco and the Science Museum of Minnesota in St. Paul, as well as cultural centers like the Museum of Contemporary Art in Fort Collins, the Minnesota Museum of American Art in St. Paul.  Asia loves to show others how to work with basic circuitry and has given workshops for all ages at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Murray State University in Kentucky, and the Science Museum of Minnesota.

Asia Ward is a Program Specialist and Artist in Residence for the Learning Technologies Center at the Science Museum of Minnesota, where she prototypes and develops hands-on activities for all ages, which are then tested in the classroom and on the exhibit floor.  Asia Ward exhibits her most recent experiments in kinetic sculpture at Rosalux Gallery, a member run gallery cooperative in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  More info at:



worm on house

Deartoy by Asia Ward

Quid by Asia Ward




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