Sarah Kipp (Queens, NY) received her MFA from Queens College, City University of New York, and her BFA from Penn State University. She has had solo exhibitions at the Mooney Center Exhibit Hall (New Rochelle, NY); Paul Klapper Gallery, Queens College (Flushing); and The Patterson Gallery (University Park, PA). Her work has been included in group exhibitions and in performances at numerous venues including The Point of Contact Gallery (Syracuse, NY); Rockland Center for the Arts (West Nyack, NY); Artists Space, ABC No Rio, The Underscore and The Pussycat Lounge (New York, NY); and Meatspace Gallery and The Chocolate Factory (Long Island City, NY). She was nominated for both the Joan Mitchell Grant and the Dedalus Foundation Fellowship. For more info, visit:

Timepiece, 2008, 2010
Duration: 09:30
Video, Toy House

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Timepiece is a visual story that depicts the evolving and existing self.  In the video, I question my personal history and contemplate who I will become.  I communicate as a multi-faceted character whose face captures projected images of my own past and my family.  In the piece, I am conjuring those that live within me…the child, adolescent, father, mother, and grandparent within, as I contemplate human existence through birth, life, and mortality. The only sound to be heard is a repetitive recording of wind through a radio tower, with a rhythmic tapping of a tree branch, reminiscent of a metronome or the ticking of a clock.  At its essence, Timepiece reflects the cycle of life, from birth to old age and back again.  Presented within my father-in-law’s childhood toy house, the piece further echo’s ideas of family lineage.  It also speaks to the sentimental idea of a ‘home’ that today remains just an idea for so many, never becoming a reality.

The Lie, 2010
Duration: 09:26

The concept for The Lie came to me in 2008 while I was undergoing treatment for thyroid cancer.  I was at a low point lying in bed, in a space between dreams and reality repeating to myself, “I am a strong and confident woman.”  But all the while, my nose was growing longer and longer through each repetition of this voice in my mind.  I knew immediately that I would be making work based on this experience, reflecting upon the conflicting notions of strength and vulnerability, and how they often go hand in hand.  The Lie is the first of a series of projects that stem from these ideas.

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