Terry Gydesen is a documentary photographer who is most known for her work documenting political campaigns both locally and nationally. She is the author of the book Twelve Years and Thirteen Days; Remembering Paul and Sheila Wellstone published by the University of Minnesota Press. She has received several grants over the years including the Minnesota State Arts Board, the Jerome Foundation and is a three time recipient of  the McKnight Photography fellowship.

Terry’s home and studio is next door the foreclosed property.

Remembering Maggie September 23, 2010
“It’s a grey rainy day. The day fits my mood as I remember my neighbor who died last year.

Twelve years ago Maggie & Mirelle, moved in to the old store front next to my building. It was an over the fence relationship most of the time.  Our dogs would bark through the fence at each other, and Maggie and I would fill each other in on what was new..  Always the conversation led to an update on Mirelle and her travels. It was when she would tell me the stories of Mirelle that I saw the most joy in Maggies spirit.

She told me of her surgery to come on her knees and the long recovery.  The recovery never really came when an infection took hold, and she had to go back a second time to try again.  A short while latter, more trouble with one knee, and a third surgery was scheduled.

Last spring came the worst news yet, stage 4 lung cancer and she was told she had 3-9 months to live. She died 3 months later.

It was a gift to have known Maggie and to have grown closer to Mirelle as I watched her give the most loving care to her Mom in her final days.   It is a great honor for me to be a part of this final tribute to her Mom, and it is with great sadness that I will no longer have those over the fence chats.”