In ancient times, the mantids were a peaceful people, living in harmony with nature, in bliss, under the sun. Flies were plentiful, and the green ones danced and sang.

This all changed in the time of the Great Puberty, when mass sex-plagues ravaged the mantis world, forever severing them from their idyllic past. Unable to find satisfaction in the time honored traditions, many mantids turned to perverse sex rituals to ease their unholy hunger. Orgasmic beheadings, originally seen as deviant, became the norm.

It was at this time that the contact was made with the kangaroos.

None now know what these original kangaroos were like. Some say they were gentle, peaceful creatures, content to live and care for their own. They are all gone now, with only a twisted reflection cast down onto creation to array their passing.

When the mantids encountered the kangaroos, foamed as they were in their post Pubescent sexual frenzy, a perverse fascination immediately took hold. The warm, pouchiness of the Kangaroos became an irresistible fixation for the mantids.

Unable to contain their desire, a number of powerful mantids descended down-under, where they lay in foul pleasure with their pouchéd objects of desire…

Overwhelmed as they were by their unholy lust, they began to mutate, their once healthy green tone deepening into a blood red… These fallen mantids became the vessels of evil and death and eventually rebelled, not against God, but against the universe itself. This rebellion culminated in the great Kangarokian War of the Everglades circa 666999 BC when they assassinated Grandmaster Mantis VXIII. At its climax, a great battle was fought, making all who saw it certain that the world would plunge into ruin. Everyone held onto their breath greedily, expecting that their lungs would not again experience their present fullness of volume. The Dark Mantid Orcus stood laughing, picking the pockets of orphans, when, cracking through the darkest point in the sky, a massive Insect, 20 miles high, a Shining Mantis, bearing two heads and four arms, came forth and in one fell sweep of chalk dust and cleared the universe of all fear.

The Shining Mantis then disappeared as quickly as it came.

Thousands of years later, the world was a very different place. Contact with the mantids had quickly destroyed the health and way of life of the kangaroos, amounting to death for the entire species. In their place rose a foul offspring: a new species of demonic kangaroo, the unholy union of the dark mantids and the kangaroos. These Demonic Kangaroos ravaged innocent folk, tearing their bodies, homes, and societies apart. They grew so powerful as to once again threaten all of creation.

This onslaught was spoken of with great fear by all, but none spoke with more fear than those who knew it’s name:
Amongst these sad souls it was known as… KANGAROK.

shining mantis on ps.1 studio visit

Shining Mantis at Anarchist Art Fair, Montreal, Canada. 2008.