What is No Assumption?

Art of This and Artcodex Present:
No Assumption: A Collaborative Exhibition of Art in a Residence.
Curated by Vandana Jain, Kevin Loecke, Troy Pieper & Mirelle Zacharis.

No Assumption examines the themes surrounding property, the pursuit of happiness, and contemporary American domesticity in the context of the foreclosure crisis. Artists and members of the community have been invited to exhibit relevant artworks and programming in a converted (and foreclosed-upon) storefront home in Northeast Minneapolis’ Arts District. Artworks will explore a broad range of subjects relative to the circumstances the home and its former owner have endured in the effort to keep the home and family intact. Topics examined range from bureaucracy, tragedy and loss; real estate and lending; healthcare and disability; to secrets, memories, labor and leisure; security, and self-preservation within daily domestic existence.

No Assumption, itself born of a personal domestic tragedy, is conceived of as an homage not only to a specific family, a deceased mortgage holder and the property in question, but also to similar scenarios experienced by countless families across the country in recent years. As the clock counts down toward eviction, the property will be transformed into a creative conversation about our rights, our desires, and the structural foundations upon which we build our lives.