Eliza Stamps is a Brooklyn, New York based artist. Through both drawing and performance, she makes art like a mathematician or scientist, striving to unravel perplexing scenarios through careful consideration, thoughtful manipulation, and happy accidents. Her recent exhibitions include Spattered Columns and Mehr Gallery in New York, Clark Gallery in Boston, and Verge Art Fair Miami/NY.  Her recent venture, the Oracle Project began at NYARTS/BEIJING in Beijing, China.  It has since traveled to the Wassaic Project in Wassaic, NY, and The Work Office in Brooklyn, NY.  Eliza holds an MFA in painting from the Pratt Institute (2006) and her BA from Bates College (1997).

The Oracle Project

During the week leading up to the opening of No Assumption, I will create an Oracle deck. I will then use the resulting deck of cards to read peoples’ fortunes during designated performance times. The cards themselves are not related to any specific fortune-telling tradition. Rather, it is an exploration of how the artist prescribes meaning, how the viewer accepts that meaning, and what happens when one suspends their better judgment and believes in a little bit of magic.

This project was first produced in Beijing in April 2010, where I created the Red Lantern Oracle. The next incarnation was the Soft Soap Oracle, at the Wassaic Project in Wassaic, NY in August. I am currently working on the Kings County Oracle, which will be read at The Work Office during the DUMBO Under the Bridge Festival in Brooklyn, NY.