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Upcoming Residential Art Show

Constellation: a Backyard Art Expedition

One of No Assumption’s curators/artists, Kevin Loecke, and artist Lacey Prpic-Hedtke, are organizing an exciting art event this spring in South Minneapolis, from Friday May 27-Sunday May 29.  If you are interested in exhibiting your work in a non-traditional space and getting involved, we encourage you to get in touch with them and check out their blog:

It’s going to be a lot of fun and should prove to be a wonderful time.  Below you can read a bit about the show in their own words:

Call for Participation:

“Constellation is a show that opens up domestic spaces for public cultural events. The show is focused on garages and backyards but could include domestic spaces like porches, cars, apartments or balconies. We are interested in the way our art is an integral part of our daily lives, neighborhoods, and self-made communities.

Besides visual art, we are imagining bands in back yards, performance, food, etc. A traveling dinner party with different courses at different houses. A bike tour during the day between the different locations. A swapping/trading post/free sale (since it’s high garage sale season). We imagine things taking place throughout the day and night, not just during regular art opening hours!”

For more information visit: Constellation: A Backyard Art Expedition