No Assumption: A Collaborative Exhibition of Art in a Residence

Call for Entries

No Assumption, a temporary gallery in a foreclosed-upon Northeast Minneapolis home, seeks artworks for an exhibition October 9-22. Works may include installation, video, audio, performance, and visual art. Creativity in presentation and use of the unique domestic space is encouraged, but not required.

No Assumption is most interested in works that have relevance to: the foreclosure crisis, property, family and home, terminal illness, disability, coping mechanisms, habits & memory, bureaucracy, and pursuit of happiness.

Musical groups and other performers are also sought for opening and closing events.

For an idea of what we are doing, and more information, please visit our page “What is No Assumption?” and feel free to peruse our blog. Be sure to check back frequently – we are going to be updating and adding more everyday.

Proposals and inquiries are accepted at Please include links to online galleries, and/or sample images if possible. We encourage those who are interested to get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Thank you,

No Assumption Arts


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